About the Author


Beverley Fry was born in Canada but brought up in England from the age of 3. Beverley Fry's first career was on the stage.

She is an award-winning artist and for the last fifteen years has been a member of Bridgnorth Writers Group. She writes mainly poetry and has performed her work in a variety of venues. This year she will be reading her work at the Wenlock Poetry Festival.

Beverley is also the festival's artist in residence, so please keep an eye out for her around the venues - you may even appear in one of her sketches!

She has her own studio gallery, Fry on the Wall, in Much Wenlock.

To find out more go to: http://www.beverleyfry.co.uk    



 Examples of Work

Song Tree


At 3 pm

chattering bird-babble

shakes us from the house,

a flying orchestra,

one thousand

morphing birds swirl over,

to settle in the ash.



A dressing of starlings

trinket up bare boughs;

notes on a score,

black cut-out's,

feather flat 

and facing south.


This tree-break interval

this highway rest

for winging minstrels,

one body in their flight

their perch, their song.


 A silent siren call

and branches lift,

as shadows rise in shoals,

mid-verse, move on.



White Water


A sheep-shorn hungry land

wind dry and lonely.

Scarred rust red,

with a dead bracken-crust

over tender shoots.


Ewes knot together,

and lamb in scraped hollows.


Buzzards shadow's trail

the slopes, skim dips,

scour lichen crevices.


Absolution bursts,

splits rock, bubbles

out through silted bogs.

White water-knife,

slices new routes,

sings cascades, leaps fish

on flooded earth.


Massing river sounds gather

as in a record's repeating curve,

hissing them to the needle's skip.

An endless round

sucked central,

to an oceans heaving call.