About the Author

                                                                                                   Tom has been scribbling and drinking too much coffee (the two go hand in hand) for as long as he can remember. When not writing he’s studying Radio (BA Hons)  at the University of Glamorgan. Being an exponent of ‘writing what you know’ he currently contributes a column for Able Magazine about his adventures as a disabled undergraduate in Cardiff. His articles have also been published in Young and Able and Writer’s Forum.

Tom’s biggest passion is for Radio Drama where he feels he can write with the most freedom. He is currently developing a play with BBC Producer Kate McAll and has been pitching new ideas for the forthcoming offers round with independent radio producers. During this year, theatre has proved to be another exciting area for Tom to explore as his play Perfect Day, written as a collaborative project with other Wales-based writers, was performed at the Sherman Cymru Theatre in May 2011. He is currently being mentored by theatre practitioner Kaite O’Reilly to produce a 30 minute play for the stage.

At the 2011 Wenlock Poetry Festival Tom was invited to perform some of his work. Describing himself as an ‘occasional poet’, his poems have been published in Acumen Literary Journal, the forthcoming Shropshire Butterflies Anthology (published by Fairacre Press) and has even had a poem published in a Land Rover magazine! His ambition is to eventually write a piece for radio or stage combining his poetry...watch this space!

As a member of Bridgnorth Writer’s Group Tom has contributed to group collections including, The View From Out Here and Inspired By Dudmaston. Although not able to attend as many meetings as he would like, he is proud to be a member of such a friendly, supportive and professional group.



 Examples of Work

Extract from On The Up (a radio play)

1.                     INT. LIFT – A LARGE OFFICE BLOCK


LIFT:                 Ding, dong! Doors closing! I hear everything, from world Economics to who’s pregnant on the fourth floor. They tell us don't get involved. Whatever you see, whatever you hear, never pass it on. Well, I wouldn’t do that but I just can't help getting a little attached. Call me sentimental if you like but…I mean lots of people use me every day. It’s not my choice. For example, there’s one guy who comes in here every night, five o' clock, never misses. Straight down to Ground. Not a good sharer, no waiting for buggies or people in wheelchairs.


Disgusting behaviour, although I’ve seen worse, and who is it that gets the blame? (BEAT) Anyway, we reach Ground and then I'm ordered to whizz him back to Top Floor. He never disembarks, just laughs. He relishes it. Daily punishment for the waiting public. Little does he know that after he's finished his ‘fun’, I get pulled in ten different directions at once. People don't seem to realise, I can only go to one floor at a time.


The insults, they’re the worst, the shouts of 'stupid lift' and 'when will this thing ever arrive? We should have taken the stairs.' Day in, day out. Nobody thinks about me. How I feel. My heart used to really be in this job but these days it's all gone.


Oh, I don’t want to complain, after all I’m lucky. At least I’m employed. The irony is people don’t realise that I am able to talk. Perhaps, if they did, they might ask me questions, tell me about themselves.


There is someone. He’s always the last one at night, always on his own too. So it’s just him and me. His name’s Martin. Martin Jones and he works in Accounts. It’s not as though he speaks to me, after all why would he?